Fact Many children in FSD1 are faced with more problems than studying for a test and getting a good report card.

Children in our neighborhood are:

  • Homeless – 140 children in 2013, 240+ in 2014 and 340+ in 2015 indicating a 242% increase in three years.
  • Living in substandard housing – have a home but no running water or electricity.
  • Hungry – 1 in 4 children go to bed hungry every night.

Fact Three out of four families are living paycheck to paycheck with no significant savings to offset an unexpected emergency.

Fact Homeless children are sick four times more often, twice as likely to repeat a grade, experience emotional and behavioral problems and fall two to three grade levels behind.

Fact 50% of homeless children are below the age of 6.

Fact The high school graduation rate for homeless children is less than 25%.

Fact Chronic stress and trauma are common among homeless children because of inconsistent relationships, frequent moves, lack of places to play and witnessing domestic violence and substance abuse.

Fact South Carolina ranks 39th in the nation in child homelessness.